At some stage in our lives, we may find that we are struggling to cope, or trying to understand how we've arrived at a certain place in our lives. This is completely natural and happens to all of us.

I am here to help with that struggle. Whether it's something that has just come into your life, or something that you've been pondering over for some time, I can guide your personal journey towards a happier, more understood, self.


Gemma, 27

“I came to Tami having dealt with hating my body all my life. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror and while I’m still not quite there, I no longer look at photos of myself and want to end it all. I never thought I’d get here, and I am so grateful for the work we’ve done together so far.”

Tilly, 9

"I love going to Tami because we play lots of games and have lots of fun."

Ted, 58

“I’ve been an addict for 15 years having drunk and done drugs for a long time. Going to therapy has helped me understand why I turn to drugs and alcohol and I’m so proud to have now been clean for 8 months thanks to Tami’s care and non-judgmental therapy sessions. I feel more like myself than I have in years.”

Conor, 15

"I went to see Tami when I was stressed in school and in my home life. I didn't know what was wrong, but she's helped me to see what it is, and explained and taught me how to cope much better. School is much better, and I am happier with friends and family."

Alexa, 24

"I had always suffered from social anxiety but at university it got worse and worse. When I left it hit it's worst when trying to find jobs and moving out of home. Tami has helped me more than I could have imagined - I am so grateful."

Renee, 43

“I was having trust issues in my relationship and I was close to breaking point. Tami helped me get back to a place where I recognised the things that made me love my partner in the first place, and gave me the tools to overcome any seeds of mistrust. I would recommend Tami to anyone having relationship issues!”

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